7641 S Croton-Hardy Dr, Croton, Michigan 49337, United States

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Welcome to The Jetty Croton - small town feel, big city flavors

About Us

Our Journey

   November 12, 2015 – A really ordinary day for most people, but to us, it’s where our Journey begins. We saw an opportunity to take an iconic, yet dilapidated building of Croton, and bring it back to life. We ourselves had eaten there more times than can be counted, but we always said we’d take it a different direction. Breakfast! For us, when in doubt we go out to Breakfast, even for lunch, and that’s what we wanted to bring to the area. So, from the beginning we wanted to deliver fresh, from scratch, Michigan sourced Breakfasts. We have quite a large family and figured, we cook for 7+ now, what’s a few hundred more?!?!?!


   There were hurdles, lots and lots of hurdles, too many to list out here; if we got set back, we took another course, we adapted, overcame, and succeeded without compromising what we wanted. Our story, like so many others who endeavor to undertake the entrepreneur spirit, it’s made us who we are. Our determination was to deliver great food, in a friendly atmosphere, where your hard-earned dollars pay for a “Well worth it” meal. 

   There were several suppliers that wanted us to use their, out of the bag gravy mixes, frozen alternatives to whole fresh produce, and cans, so many huge industrialized cans that provided everything from soup to nuts. Sorry not at the Jetty! Through more vetting we were able to find Companies that specialize in Michigan Brand products, farmers who grew our produce right here in Newaygo County and neighbors who just wanted to be a part of the journey, and things began coming together. 

   Fast forward to June 28th 2018, the day had come; the Jetty opens it doors. First, only as a breakfast and Ice Cream place, and it became evidently clear the community wanted more. So, we added Koegel Dogs, then French fries, then the menu started taking on a life of its own. Now we specialize in fresh hand pattied 1/3 lb burgers, homemade soups, and still the “Best Sausage Gravy around.” 



About Us

This is how we roll

2018 Excellence in Food Safety Award

Our Principles

At the Jetty our attention to safe food handling and fresh ingredients makes us who we are.

Our Community

We believe that community makes a business and at the Jetty we strive to give each and every customer that "visiting old friends" feel